Lawson Piano Studio

Welcome to the Lawson Piano Studio!

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. With over thirty years experience in music, my husband and I offer each and every student the opportunity to succeed in their individual piano playing goals. We teach students of all ages and levels in the Ridgefield/Vancouver, Washington area. We employ traditional teaching methods: every student is trained in music notation, music reading, rhythm, music/composer history, sight reading, ear-training, and composition. For the younger student, game-play and incentive programs are used to keep the learning process rewarding and fun. 
We teach weekly private lessons, first grade through adults. Piano study is an important addition to any child’s education, as it promotes discipline, helps support cognitive skills and the study of math and etc. For adults... learning to play the piano is a rewarding experience that offers a break from the stress and challenges of daily life. Whether you are returning to piano study after studying earlier in life or this is your first time, you will find piano playing to be a lifelong friend.
With our love for music and teaching, we value each unique student and pledge to walk with you on an exciting discovery as you learn to love... and play the piano. Please feel free to contact us... to explore the potential pianist in you!
Musically yours,
Betty Lawson

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